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  • Kunal Pandya

HighRadius - till we meet again

Friday was my final day at HighRadius.

It was a short but memorable period, where I will fondly look back on the many great and talented people I have met and worked with. A company with solid foundations, phenomenal suite of innovative products, dynamic culture and quite simply the best user-conference for a company of this scale. Best-in-class.

I have always said that sales enablement is categorised into two aspects: 1) Operational enablement (training, onboarding etc) and 2) Sales engagement.

As the sales enablement discipline evolves and matures, more focus is being placed on the engagement aspect. This relates to how we inspire our sales force to be the best they can be. Fact is, an inspired and highly-engaged sales force, delivers higher returns.

So, when I receive messages such as the below, it's heartening to know: I made a difference.

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